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Adjusters Loss Assessors

Over the years, we’ve worked with many different insurance companies, insurance Loss Assessors, and Contractors.

DrycleanIT Restoration understands the importance of response in the claims process. We operate with the same sense of urgency facing the homeowner and work with the professionalism and care that brings comfort and demonstrates a commitment to successful results. We are committed to helping resolve the claim and reducing severity as efficiently and effectively as possible. We’re here to serve as your partner, and to put your customer at ease.

DryCleanIT Restoration helps Adjuster /Assessors manage Costs, Efficiency, while serving Policiyholders

The Best People, Processes and Technology

DryCleanIT operates in a category of service providers that we ourselves created. We have spent our history building the best team, the most sophisticated processes, and world-class technology to handle virtually any type of loss. From sophisticated inventory processes and technology to the most advanced cleaning systems in the industry, we move from disaster to delivery as quickly and as effectively as each job demands.

Best Practice, Industry Leaders

Our commitment to quality is exemplified by becoming the first and only drycleaners and garment restoration cleaners in Ireland to achieve registration to ISO 9001:2015 by NSAI. Staff undergo continuous training and are certified by the UK Guild of Cleaners & Launders.

We employ the use of advanced equipment, special techniques and advanced processes to restore clothing and other textiles.

Economical & Efficient

We successfully restore more than 90% of the items we clean. This represents a typical saving of over 70% on replacement cost. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly and efficiently remove salvageable textiles, so you can begin your work as quickly as possible.

We offer a solution that satisfies both the policy holder and insurance company.

From sophisticated inventory processes and technology, to the most advanced cleaning systems in the industry, we move from disaster to delivery as quickly and as effectively as each claim demands.

Specific deliverables include:

  • Itemised Price List
  • Prompt on-site response to incidents. (Guaranteed 1 hour return call)
  • Emergencies Cleaning
  • On-site Assessments
  • Provide a detailed inventory and costing for all incidents. Costing to be submitted within 24 hours of site visit
  • Sample/Test Cleaning for Policyholder / Adjuster
  • Site Survey Report identifying any potential risks and areas of concern
  • Identify garments that cannot be restored and advise accordingly

Restoration Cleaning Doesn’t
Have to be Expensive

If you have ever had a precious keepsake or your wedding gown contaminated from smoke you understand the anxiety of trying to affordably repair something that is irreplaceable. Adding to the frustration is the perceived cost associated with this type of an event. Knowing you cannot simply purchase another garment to replace your damaged keepsake can become worrisome. Fortunately, our cleaning services are an affordable option that will not sacrifice the quality of the restored item. Our team of experts have years of experience repairing garments and textiles due to damage caused by smoke, fire, water, mold and many other nefarious events. We take pride in restoring items to their original state at a cost that is affordable for our customers.


Our cleaning restoration service is convenient as well as affordable. We will save you time by picking up, storing and returning your items after they have been restored. This added convenience will ensure our customers receive the highest quality restoration service experience and the assurance the job is being performed with the upmost expertise.


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