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Bridal Gown Service

We are Ireland’s Leading Bridal Gown Cleaning and preservation specialists in Ireland. Our experienced, highly trained textile cleaners specialise in cleaning the most delicate of fabrics.

Achievements to Date

  • Winner – Weddingonline Catergory Supplier of the Year 2021
  • Winner – Weddingonline Catergory Supplier of the Year 2020
  • ISO9001:2015 certification by NSAI – 2009 to Date
  • Finalist in National Crest Retail Awards
  • Winner of Carlow Enterprise Business Achievement Awards

Our commitment to quality is exemplified by becoming the only Drycleaners and garment restoration company in Ireland to achieved registration to the I.S.EN ISO9001:2015 by NSAI

This certification demonstrates our commitment to following well defined quality management practices for delivering quality products and services as well as continual improvement.

That’s because our quality management system is subjected annually to the rigorous scrutiny of the ISO: 9001:2015 standards – the same standards often identified as an important component of an overall quality management system by many of the world’s very best businesses.

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Implementing our Quality Management System and adopting a process driven approach to running the company has allowed for a more structured and smoother running business.

This allows us to respond more quickly to the changing need of our customers and positions the organisation for growth and change. Our employee focused approach has allowed staff members to play an integral role in developing and managing our QMS. Having defined our key processes and procedures we can monitor our performance, analyse information and take the necessary corrective action.

If you don’t care for your dress, it’s almost as if you’re throwing it away, after all, over time, stains such as tan, make-up, alcohol, grass or dirt, will set, and the fabric could be damaged or turn yellow due to condensation, mildew, oxidisation or dust.

Wedding gown cleaning and preservation costs depend on the level of service you require and the type of dress you purchased. Usually, you bring your dress to a wedding gown preservation specialist, then, an expert analyses the fabric, beading, and other details to determine the best course of action in order to clean it. The cleaning process often begins with the hem because it is usually the most soiled.

Most professionals scrub the hem by hand and spot treat any stains. The biggest culprits are grass, dirt, perspiration, tan, make-up, and sugar (from wedding cake or wine).

After the dress is cleaned and either steamed or pressed and professionally folded and place it in an acid-free archival preservation box. Sometimes, accessories, such as veils, garters, shoes, gloves etc are cleaned and preserved as well.