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What We Restore

DrycleanIT Garment & Fabric Restoration complements the services offered by the Insurance Industry and works in collaboration with the insurance adjusters and assessors to fully restore textiles damaged in any disaster.Our goal has always been to mitigate the insured’s damages as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible. We have successfully combined our years of garment care knowledge with extraordinary technological advancements in the cleaning industry. The proven benefits of the wet cleaning technologies , sets us apart and above in the garment care industry.

We evaluate the restoration needs on-site and create inventories to ensure proper return of items back into the home after restoration. DrycleanIT provides AN EXPRESS services for specific garments to be returned within 24-48 hours, and we stay in close communication with the insured from initial contact of claim throughout the process until final delivery of all restored items.

We are committed to exceeding our customer satisfaction, providing personal involvement and a focus on your order, from beginning to end. From the moment you call DryCleanIT restoration, you will know you are a valued customer.

Over 15 years of experience has earned our team of professionals a reputation for excellence in customer service and exceptional skills in the Garment and Fabric restoration process. An immediate response and meticulous attention to your order will demonstrate our commitment to service excellence. We are always mindful that we are dealing with private and often precious possessions and are respectful of their sentimental, as well as monetary value. DryCleanIT’s directors, project managers, and production professionals are dedicated to providing superior service in all aspects of your cleaning restoration, including special needs or requests.


On-Site Assessment

The initial on-site meeting with the policyholders is of paramount importance. The homeowner gets the opportunity to discuss any concerns or worries they may have about air-looms or sentimental garments that need to be restored. We will walk the homeowner through the process and reassure them of any of their concerns and set realistic expectations for all involved. As part of the initial on-site assessment a report, detailing cost and appraisal will be issued to all stakeholders.

Express Cleaning

We will express clean enough clothes to keep the policyholder going until the main body of work is completed. This helps to minimise the necessity to buy emergency clothes. This also gives the homeowner a high level of confidence in our process.

Sample /Test Cleaning
Sample items can be removed for test cleaning at the initial site assessment or the Adjuster can send items directly to us for appraisal. Test cleaning often elay’s any worries/concerns the home owner may have about getting their clothes cleaned.


We provide detailed inventory of items removed for cleaning, also providing a follow-up overview of the non-salvaged items, which provides detailed descriptions of all items considered to be unrecoverable. This inventory facilitates proper assessment of replacement costs.

We will provide the first 3 months storage free of charge

Adjuster/Assessor Support

Proven track record, 15 years of experience of working within the insurance industry has given us an In depth understanding of requirements of all stakeholders involved in the claim. Ability to deliver results – on average – 90% recovery rate. Strong Project Management and clear communication We provide Adjusters with ongoing support either on site or by phone through the process.

Quality Management System

Our commitment to quality is exemplified by becoming the first and only dry-cleaning company in Ireland to achieve registration to ISO 9001:2008 by NSAI.

Project Management

All projects will be overseen by one of our Directors and the stakeholders will be kept up to date at all stages of the process. Our experience over the last 10 years has demonstrated that early intervention both mitigates against further deterioration of clothes and provides the policyholder with a level of confidence and reassurance that their garments are being given the best possible care and attention.


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